Strategy paper on livestock breeding clears legislative hurdle in Mongolia

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, the Khushaat district parliament of Selenge province has given its stamp of approval to the eight-year strategy paper on livestock developed by Mercy Corps Mongolia’s Resilient Communities Program.

The strategy, which was created in collaboration with the breeding consultancy firm Khugnu Meej, makes the argument for advanced husbandry practices that, if implemented in local cooperatives like Khushaatin Bayalag—an implementing partner of ours—have the potential to increase the supply of and demand for premium grade beef cattle; strengthen the capacity of cooperative; create a legislative environment conducive to economic growth and make advanced animal husbandry an economically viable practice for herders in Khushaat district by the year 2025.

This follows the passage of a quadripartite agreement between Khugnu Meej firm, Khushaatin Bayalag cooperative, the Government of Khushaat district and Mercy Corps, delegating responsibility for different components of the strategy.

The first phase of implementation, slated to end in December 2019, will place great emphasis on cooperative management, fundraising, measurement and evaluation, and a comprehensive survey of the district-wide cattle population—all of which will bring Khushaatin Bayalag breeding cooperative one big step closer to controlling disease; increasing productivity; and driving increased member engagement moving forward.

Although the strategy today applies only to Khushaat district; the impact, innovation, and influence that follows will inspire neighboring districts and provinces to implement similar strategies moving forward, creating a sustainable designed-for-Mongolia model for livestock breeding that Mercy Corps believes will improve the livelihoods of herder households all across Mongolia.

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