Breeding Update

Mercy Corps launched a cattle breeding business development model unit in Khushat Soum of Selenge aimag, or province, on September 22, 2017, to revive the Kazakh whitehead cow, a strong, healthy and productive animal first bred in 1950 to withstand Mongolia’s harsh climate that has a huge potential to meat market development under Resilient Communities Program. The integrity of the breed has since deteriorated considerably, however, owing to the de-regulation of the livestock economy in the early 1990's.

The ceremony commemorated a shared-value partnership between Mercy Corps and Khushaatiin Bayalag: a breeding cooperative that has agreed to work with Khugnu Meej, a Mercy Corps-contracted breeding consulting firm, to build a model breeding unit that has the potential to transform the livestock production sector in next twenty-four months.

Featuring speakers like Mercy Corps Country Director Ramesh Singh, USAID Country Coordinator Rick Gurley, and several ranking members of both the national and provincial government, this launch event marks the first time since the collapse of the centrally planned socialist economy that significant investment has been made in the livestock breeding sector.

Animal production is a fundamental part of the even bigger Resilient Communities Program, a four-year market systems development program designed to drive sustainable economic growth within the livestock sector by stimulating meat production; introducing new export opportunities and strengthening the capacities of rural households and the government that serves them to prevent and mitigate shocks and stresses in the pursuit of long-term resilience.

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