Mercy Corps Partners Gather to Develop an Action Plan

After the successful launch of the Resilient Communities Program (RCP), Mercy Corps held a participatory planning workshop on 6 April 2017 in Ulaanbaatar with local and national stakeholders and partners. The goal of this one-day workshop was to introduce the RCP to the participants and develop an RCP action plan for each of eight target aimags.

24 participants from eight aimags presented the aimag development strategy in livestock sector, discussed current challenges facing agricultural producers, and identified priorities for the Resilient Communities Program. The participants included Chiefs of target aimag Food and Agriculture Departments, Mercy Corps staff, agricultural consultants and food safety experts. At the end of the workshop, the participants developed a draft action plan for each of the eight target aimags to be implemented under the RCP.

"It is vital to take timely measure to address current challenges. For instance, livestock health and disease control systems that prevent Mongolian meat from entering international markets need proper attention. Although resources and efforts needed to tackle such issues far exceed capacities of single projects or programs, there are opportunities for Mercy Corps to make lasting change. Mercy Corps can work on improving a livestock registration and traceability system. Increasing awareness and knowledge of meat processing businesses on good hygiene practices are critical for improving meat production for domestic and international markets. Mercy Corps has a track record of many successful projects implemented in agricultural sector, so I am confident that this new program will achieve all of its goals and objectives" says Dr. Lkhagvasuren, Chief of Food Safety and Sanitation Laboratory, Institute of Veterinary Medicine.

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