Launch Event for Resilient Communities Program

Mercy Corps Mongolia held a successful launch event for its Resilient Communities Program (RCP) on April 4th. Keynote speakers at our event included Deputy Prime Minister U. Khurelsukh, the U.S. Ambassador Jennifer Z. Galt, and the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry P. Sergelen. Over 100 people attended the event, representing the public and private sectors, along with a number of media outlets.

The RCP is a four-year, 10 million dollar program, funded entirely by the sale of our shares in Xac Bank, now one of the largest banks in Mongolia. RCP aims to achieve growth and stability in income and social well-being for Mongolia’s semi-urban and rural communities by stimulating production and export opportunities in the livestock economy, while enhancing capacity and building long-term resilience of households and government to prevent and mitigate shocks and stresses. Mercy Corps will work with herders, meat processors, SMEs, government organizations and veterinarians to improve production of high quality, natural and sustainably-raised Mongolian meat products meeting national and international standards for export, to support sales markets and facilitate market linkages, to help increase financial inclusion for herders and rural businesses and to offer opportunities for local youth to build their skills and find jobs. The RCP will be implemented in eight aimags.

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